Ruby’s Day

Yesterday was a notable day for Ruby for a number of reasons.

First of all, it snowed. Big fluffy flakes dusted the ground outside and she kept running up to the window exclaiming, “It’s snowing! It’s Christmas!” I tried to explain that Christmas is still a little while away, but the next time the window caught her eye…”It’s Christmas!”

When we went outside to play, she ran around saying, “There’s snow everywhere!” She effectively learned how to make and throw snowballs without any primers from me, as well. I guess some things are just instinctual.

Then last night was the big night where she officially moved from her crib to her toddler bed, or as we called it, her “big girl bed.” Ruby, ah, has never been an easy child, so I was dreading this transition for her. I’ve been putting it off for a while, but the bottom line is that we can’t evict Sherman from our room until he’s got a crib to sleep in. Which means that Ruby needed to move up to her big girl bed.

In anticipation of her many attempted escapes, I bought a baby proof lock for her door handle, which is of the lever variety. What I learned upon installing it, though, is that the lever locks can’t be opened from the other side of the door. This meant that if we put the lock on the inside of the room, she’d be stuck. We may have learned this the hard way. But after we got Ruby out of the room, I removed the lock and switched the door handle so that now it locks from the outside. Ruby had watched me install the lock and hadn’t appreciated being stuck in the room, so when I’d removed the lock she inspected it. “That’s much better,” she told me.

I then got her bed all made up with sheets, blankets, and a real pillow. Ruby was thrilled about it, and she came out to the front room and told Kyle, “Going to bed. Good night,” and walked back into her room. We had to pull her out again to brush her teeth and get jammies on, but after the bedtime routine, I put her down in her bed and came out front anticipating the onslaught of toddler escapes.

And heard not a peep. She went straight to sleep. Didn’t get out of bed once.

This morning we were congratulating her on being such a big girl and sleeping in her big girl bed. Ruby then says to us, “Um, it’s Ruby Sized Bed.”

So, excuse me, Ruby did great last night in her “Ruby Sized Bed.” Here’s hoping it sticks.

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