I Found This On the Bed and Other Stories

We’ve begun transitioning Sherman into sleeping in Ruby’s room. Thus far it has only been naps, but Ruby’s taken very well to the idea that the crib is now Sherman’s and that they will soon be sharing a room. When I sit down to nurse Sherman before his nap, Ruby runs around putting the room to rights for a nap. She turns on the nightlight, the fan, and the humidifier–all things that must be on before she takes a nap or goes to bed. The nightlight is a bit of a story, because I made a conscious effort to get her used to sleeping in the dark so that she wouldn’t be afraid of the dark. I only turned her pink flower nightlight on at night when she woke up so that I could see, and then I’d turn it off again as I left. Then one night, she told me, “Dark scary.”

“Do you want me to leave the flower on when I go?”


And so the flower nightlight has been on ever since. Shortly afterwards she insisted that it stay on during naps as well. I mostly think she likes looking at it during the day, and during the night she likes to have light to play by when she’s not ready to go to sleep yet. Since we’ve transitioned her into her Ruby-sized bed, I often hear her playing quietly before she goes down for a nap or for the night. I frequently find a pile of books on her bed or on her chair the next day.

She’s also developed a love of cuddling on my lap while snuggling under a blanket. It’s gotten to the point that at night when she calls for me, I usually find her standing by the door holding a blanket asking, “Blanket?” As in, I want to cuddle under the blanket for a bit before I go to bed again. It’s too adorable to say no to.

Tonight, though, she called for me and I went in. She held up a book and asked, “Book?” Then she reached down, handed me a bolt, and said, “Found dis on de bed.” It turns out, that it’s a bolt from her toddler bed that she removed and then gave to me. I put the bolt back in, but I can’t find the nut that goes with it. She says she remembers it, but can’t remember where it is now. I checked the other bolts, and found another loose one. I think she’s been working on them for a while.

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