Harold and Her Purple Crayon

My two-year-old “Harold” went on an adventure today with her purple crayon (no doubt inspired by a certain book we got for Christmas). I was visiting somebody for church, and Kyle was talking on the phone with his parents. When I got home, there was purple crayon up and down the hallway and in spots in the living room.

Ruby could tell she was in trouble, so she pulled out a wipe and started wiping up the crayon without us telling her to (she happens to clean sometimes, too). And amazingly…the crayon came off. The last box of crayons I bought, I got a special kind that was advertised to be super washable. It was a little more expensive, but I figured there was a solid chance I’d be cleaning crayon off the wall in my future so I bought it anyways. Guys, it’s so washable that Ruby cleaned up most of the crayon all by herself. It wiped off almost like marker on a whiteboard. Not that I think this is a good reason to color on the wall with crayons, but at least a naughty child gets the experience of cleaning it up all by herself now.

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