Learning to Crawl

Sherman is on the verge of crawling. If he really tries he can kind of inch himself around the room, but for the most part he just gets up on hands and knees and wobbles back and forth. When we try to encourage him to crawl by putting a toy or his binky just out of reach so he has to crawl for it, he puts up the biggest fuss. Big ol’ tears run down his face and he cries and cries because wouldn’t it just be so much easier for me to get what I want if you would just give it to me. Boy howdy, you’d think that crawling was the hardest thing in the universe by the way he carries on. I do not remember Ruby carrying on like this when she was learning to crawl. He really wants to crawl, but he doesn’t want to do the work to get there. We keep encouraging him anyways, and sometime soon I expect he’ll be chasing Ruby around the house (or she’ll be chasing him around).

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