This is What I Call A+ Parenting

I went to Barnes & Noble with Ruby today, and sat down to play with Duplos for a while (because what else is a 2yo going to do there?). Ruby was building a castle, and invited me to help her. When I came over to help, she abandoned me for other, shinier, toys. So I started my own castle. It was color coordinated, so I ended up having to…acquire…blocks from her castle. Ruby came back and happily helped me finish my castle.

Then she looked over at the remains of her castle and, dismayed, said, “What happen my castle?!”

“The ignorant peasants hundreds of years after your castle was finished failed to appreciate the engineering and artistry of your ancient castle-work and appropriated the building materials for their own uses.”

She clearly understood what I was talking about because she stopped asking about it. Darn peasants.

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