Snapshots from a Visit to Fargo


Sitting on the potty moving tiles around on the Words with Friends app singing the alphabet song.

Hugging my parent’s Yorkshire Terrier, Titan, declaring, “She my friend!” (Gender appropriate pronouns are a work in progress)

Wandering around after my dad left for work calling out, “Grandpa? Where are you?”

When I explain that we’re flying home soon, she looks at me and says, “Stay here?”

Pretending to go “back to work” because that’s what Grandma and Grandpa do.

Going on walks with Grandpa and Titan every day after he gets home from work.


Luxuriating in crawling around Grandma and Grandpa’s large house. It makes me reflect on how little space there is in our condo to crawl.

Crawling as fast as he can to greet Grandpa at the door when he gets home from work.

Being held by Grandpa, one of his favorite people.

Figuring out that if he reaches down from his high chair with food, Titan will eat out of his hands.

Feeding Titan all of his lunch.

Learning to climb stairs.