Chances of Defenestration are High Today

We live on the third floor. We have a lovely view of the apartment across from us our of a large picture window in our front room. It lets in natural light (although due to the direction it faces we don’t get very much direct sunlight, but it’s still a nice window). It has nice, wide, fancy looking blinds on it. The kids like to sit in the window sill and look at the world, especially if there are dogs outside.

When I picture hanging my children from this lovely window by their toes I know it’s time to get some alone time.

Some days my standards of “Good Parent” looks a lot like “I’ve never actually tossed one of my children out of our lovely front window.”

Our kids have slept poorly the last few days, and have been very cranky.

I’m a good parent.

I’m a good parent.

I’m a good parent.

(Number of children removed from house via window since move-in: Still 0)

One thought on “Chances of Defenestration are High Today

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