Learning to Crawl

Sherman is on the verge of crawling. If he really tries he can kind of inch himself around the room, but for the most part he just gets up on hands and knees and wobbles back and forth. When we try to encourage him to crawl by putting a toy or his binky just out of reach so he has to crawl for it, he puts up the biggest fuss. Big ol’ tears run down his face and he cries and cries because wouldn’t it just be so much easier for me to get what I want if you would just give it to me. Boy howdy, you’d think that crawling was the hardest thing in the universe by the way he carries on. I do not remember Ruby carrying on like this when she was learning to crawl. He really wants to crawl, but he doesn’t want to do the work to get there. We keep encouraging him anyways, and sometime soon I expect he’ll be chasing Ruby around the house (or she’ll be chasing him around).

Some Ruby Stories

Sleepers were on clearance last week at Wal Mart, so I bought some a size or two up for the kids. Ruby was digging through the groceries when I got home and she pulled out one sleeper with a zebra print.

“Ruby sleeper?” She asked me.

“Yes, those are for you.”

“Try on?”

“If you want.”

So I helped her trying on a hilariously large zebra sleeper, and she was enthralled. She ran into the room where Sherman had just woken from his nap and said, “Look, Sherman! Zebra!”

She insisted on sleeping in that sleeper that night, and when Kyle put it on her she ran around to every body in the house declaring, “Look at me! Look at me!”

That night she peed through her diaper and needed a new sleeper. While Kyle was pulling off her prized zebra sleeper, she wailed, “No no sleeper! No no sleeper!” (Don’t take off the sleeper.) She was not happy to have a dry sleeper if it meant the zebra one was gone.

Ruby has gotten into a game on my phone called Survive! Mola! Mola! which is about a fish that eats smaller fish and grows bigger. It’s simple enough that Ruby taught me how to play it. “Touch this” (the shrimp, sardines, etc., that the Mola eats) “Fish eat.” (The fish eats it.) Repeat.

Today Ruby was playing it while I put Sherman down for a nap, and when I came back I heard the music of the game and saw a lump hiding under a blanket.

“Mommy?” Ruby says.


“I’m hiding under blanket.”

“Thanks for telling me. I never would have found you otherwise.”


We got a TV for Christmas. It’s been great. I love TV (well, Netflix; cable is a thing for old people). Ruby loves TV, too. Specifically she loves (love love loves) My Little Pony. I have seen every episode many times, and we watched the Rainbow Rocks movie dozens of times. Ruby knows all the Rainbow Rocks songs. All of them.

But she recently figured out that the remote turns the TV on and finds Ponies. So when she decides she wants to watch Ponies, she comes up to me and says, “Watch ponies? Where da ‘mote? Where da ‘mote?” (Can we watch ponies? Where’s the remote?).

It kills me every time. Now whenever Kyle or I are searching for the remote, we say, “Where da ‘mote? Where da ‘mote?”